Therapeutic Massage

Katie’s experience and training allows her to personalize each session.

Whatever your needs, Katie can help you find the right approach to feel your best, even between sessions.

FLEXIBILITY – A massage session can be flexible depending on what the client needs/wants. Katie can give a full body massage to maintain overall muscle health or focus on one injury for the entire session. Craniosacral therapy techniques or rehab exercises/stretching can be also introduced into the session to reach the overall goal.

SCIENCE-BASED – Katie continues to educate herself on how the body works by keeping up with the latest research. She enjoys educating her clients on what may be causing an injury and how they can prevent it from returning.

SPECIFIC – By asking questions and using assessment tests, specific muscles that may be causing an injury can be targeted to get pain relief.

NO RECIPES OR ROUTINES – No two clients are the same so no two massage sessions should be either. Katie assesses what symptoms the client is having and what their goals are for that day to create the session.

IMPORTANCE OF CLIENT FEEDBACK – Focusing on what the client is feeling and if something is relevant to the injury/pain they are feeling is important. Katie encourages client feedback during every session to get maximum benefits.